Shirakawa Factory Shirakawa Factory


Shirakawa Factory

Specialized in sewing shirt collars and
producing sophisticated dress shirts

Shirakawa Factory Shirakawa Factory

This factory specializes in sewing shirt collars and has a strong track record in the production of men's dress shirts and women's knit blouses.

Fukushima is an area associated with haiku, admired by many poets, such as Basho Matsuo. Our Fukushima Shirakawa Factory, located at the entrance to the old prefecture of Michinoku, specializes in shirt collars. Cut-and-sewn dress shirts require delicate sewing, as materials with different shrinkage rates are used. Our skillful and knowledgeable craftsmen, with their sole desire to ‘create the ultimate comfortable clothes,’ finish our products to perfection, stitch by stitch.

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  • Shirakawa Factory
  • Shirakawa Factory
  • Shirakawa Factory

Shirakawa Factory, Matec Shirakawa Factory Co. Ltd.

November 2007
Production Equipment
1 automatic cutting machine CAD machine / 2 band knife machines / 1 streaching machine / 23 lock stitch sewing machines / 9 overlock sewing machines / 13 special sewing machines / 1 press machine / 4 pressing irons / 1 conveyorized needle detection machine
3 Azauwadai Taishin Kumado Shirakawa-city, Fukushima 969-0302, Japan