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About Us

Message from Our CEO

Takao Fukasawa
Maruwa Textile Industries Co.,LTD.
Takao Fukasawa

As a value-creating company, we are committed to contribute to the realization of a richer life through the fashion business. Furthermore, we are determined to achieve the happiness of every single Group employee, the trust of our shareholders as well as business partners, while contributing to society as well.

Solid management, as we define it, means that we will continue to make simple and honest efforts to fulfill our responsibilities as a manufacturer, and to provide relief and comfort through high quality and sensitive products, without failing our customers' expectations.
Therefore, with an enterprising spirit, which has been our motto since our founding, we are constantly working to improve and innovate our technology without being bound by common sense and experiences.
We, the Maruwa Group will continue to challenge ourselves to achieve our highest goals and aim to be a motivated corporate group that will spare no effort in achieving them.