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Corporate History

March 1956
Kazuaki Fukasawa starts his own business.
February 1958
Establishment of Maruwa Textile Industry Co., Ltd.
June 1965
Construction of headquarters factory in Ishihara-cho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
December 1991
Establishment of the Aomori Factory (Apti-Maruwa Co., Ltd.), in order to increase production
January 2001
Construction of the new headquarters building in the current site Relocation of the headquarters
May 2001
Beginning of product storage, inspection, and shipping in Aso-cho, Ibaraki Prefecture (currently Ikue City), as a distribution center
November 2007
Establishing of Matec Shirakawa Factory Co. in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, in order to increase domestic production
October 2009
Construction and relocation of Apti-Maruwa Co., Ltd. to a new building with a solar system
April 2010
Adoption of products manufactured by Maruwa Textile Industry Co., Ltd. as onboard clothing through open application by JAXA
March 2011
Development and sales release of factory-brand “INDUSTYLE TOKYO,” utilizing the technology used in the onboard clothing
March 2016
60th anniversary
June 2016
Development and sales release of “OTUTUMI", a furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, that does need to be tied
November 2016
Accreditation of Apti-Maruwa Co., Ltd. as the first Youth Yell company in Aomori Prefecture