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Aomori Factory

Realizing an environment
where young people can work comfortably,
training professionals through
latest equipment

Aomori Factory Aomori Factory

We can support wide-variety and small-lot production by incorporating standing sewing machines, which allow us to smoothly rearranging their positions.

Aomori City is the hub of transportation, government, economy, and culture in the northeast. At the Aomori Factory, located in the center of the city, our young employees, average age of under 45, are actively participating in the production. The Japanese sewing industry is said to go through labor shortage, with an average age of 60. Having said that, our factory has become a workplace attracting younger generations, by actively recruiting and training young people and improving the workplace environment. It is designed to provide an atmosphere where employees, with a large ratio of women, can interact on a daily basis at our cafeteria and break rooms, and is also equipped with ample facilities such as personal lockers, floor heating, and humidifiers, among others. We were the first company in Aomori Prefecture to be certified as a Youth Yell company by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, a certification given to companies with excellent employment management, in recognition of our proactive hiring and training of young employees, our low turnover rate, and our records of paid leave. We were also one of the first to install solar panels, making us an environmentally friendly factory. In addition, we pride ourselves to have a wide range of machines, from the latest cutting machines using the CAD system to flat seamers and vintage sewing machines, as well as personnel who can handle them. We are promoting a support system that never stops the line by training our "multi-skilled workers."

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Aomori Factory, Apti-Maruwa Co., Ltd.

in December 1991
Production Equipment
2 automatic cutting machines with 2 CAD machines, 2 CAM machines, and 2 spreading machines / 4 band knife cutting machines / 91 lock stitch sewing machines / 52 overlock sewing machines / 6 flat seamers / 25 three-needle lock stitch sewing machines / 3 hemming sewing machines / Octopus binders / 1 automatic flat two-needle sewing machine / 45 other special sewing machines / 3 button stitching machines / 3 buttonholing sewing machines / 3 bartacking sewing machine / 7 pressing irons / 13 under pressing irons/ 1 two-headed conveyorized needle detection machine
85-4 Azainamoto Oazasannai Aomori-city, Aomori 038-0031, Japan