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Letter form President

Business Principle

We contribute to realize an affluent life through fashion business as a value creating company, and report sound profit to establish credibility from business partner and stockholders, to bring happiness to all employees in group and to contribute to society

Takao Fukasawa


Takao Fukasawa

We have been managing this company soundly to achieve this principle. We define this sound management as to make every effort on fulfilling the duty of manufacturer, not disappointing customer's expectations, providing safety and security through high quality and high sensibility products.

This is another motto of the company since it has been started. We are working on technology improvement and innovation with progressive sprit and without miring in the old common knowledge and experience. Maruwa Group will keep on challenging high goals and spare no effort for those goals. We will be maintaining as an ambitious company.

Renewal of CI (Corporate identity)

This year is our new start as a "Second initiation of Maruwa". CI logo is renewed with the image of the flexible response to changing market and reliability built till today.